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Jump Up Academic Preschool


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At Jump up preschool we believe in teaching our students at a higher level.  We provide a safe and nurturing environment that helps build an excitement for learning . Physical activity combined with Curriculum, is based on active learning styles for both body and mind, where your child will discover their own unique super powers.


Our preschool program will prepare your child for kindergarten readiness and promote optimal learning and development.  Research has proven that early experiences have a profound effect on development and learning that will shape their motivation for learning throughout their life. Our program follows the public school curriculum, where most of our students will be attending when they complete our Jump up Preschool program.



Our gymnastic classes offer our preschool students the opportunity to develop healthy muscles, enhance flexibility, and brain stimulation through obstacle courses and movement. Each class is taught by a qualified coach at no additional cost.


Exploration & Discovery

Included in our daily schedule are group project work and discovery experience centers.  (These centers allow children free choice with teacher guided emphasis). The discovery centers and snack time help to reinforces social awareness while interacting with peers. Our students will explore the magnificent worlds of science, nature, art and music with hands on projects where they will learn for themselves to ask questions and find the answers.



Our curriculum meets and exceeds the Utah State Curriculum guidelines. drawing from best practices from around the world. We incorporate “Developmentally Appropriate Practice” with rich educational programs recognized world wide as exceptional programs for young children.


Math: We use the Hands on Standards for Math (Pre-K/K), Coupled with Get Set for School. This program provides teachers with easy-to-access ways to help children visualize mathematics with in-depth mathematical understanding which includes ten different manipulatives.  Research supports the use of manipulative in the classroom.  This program includes Number and Operations, Geometry, Algebra, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability.


Literacy: We use the Handwriting without Tears, the Get Set For School, Pre-K, Readiness & Writing program series. Our preschool children focus on learning proper grasp of writing utensils, tracing and coloring basic shapes, and writing strokes used for Upper Case/Capital letters as they are the easiest to write. At the core of this developmentally based program are six domains that will be taught; Readiness, Drawing, Alphabet Knowledge, Colors & Coloring, Pre-writing, and Writing.


Art: We will incorporate Creative Expression activities & Thematic Projects, with emphasis on helping children develop expressive communication skills through art, drama, and other interactions with peers and adults.


Science and Social Study: We have chosen Scholastic Weekly Readers and Science Spin, along with supplemental materials.


Assessment: For formalized assessment of children’s ongoing development, we use the Learning Accomplishment Profile.  This assessment provides a developmental checklist covering six domains of learning: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Pre Writing, Cognitive, Language, Self-Help, and Personal/Social development.   Our four year olds will formally be assessed two times yearly during August, and April

Our Teachers

Our qualified staff cares for each child individually and meets them where they are. We make an effort to get to know the children’s families and learn about the values, expectations, and factors that shape their lives at home and in their communities.  This information helps us provide meaningful relevant and respectful learning experiences for each child and family.

We believe that Professional Development, Continuing Education and In-service Classes for our staff are an important part of the curriculum to stay current on new programs and teaching techniques.


Jump Up Preschool Schedule


Preschool Age Requirements 

Preschool 3-4 Year Old Class

 To qualify for the 3-4 year old class your child must be at least 3 years old and independently toilet trained.

Pre-K Class

To qualify for Pre-K your child must be 4 years old by the end of August. Pre-K is a programs designed specifically to make sure that preschoolers are ready for kindergarten.

 Registration Fee

There is a $65 non-refundable registration fee to secure your child’s spot and is due at registration. This fee also helps to fund your child’s curriculum, supplies, etc.


3-4 yr. old- AM – 9:00-11:15

Tuesday, Thursday

Monthly Tuition - $115.


3-4 yr. old- PM – 12:00-2:15

Tuesday, Thursday

Monthly Tuition - $115.


Pre-K - AM – 9:00-11:30

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Monthly Tuition - $140.


Pre-K - PM – 12:30-3:00

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Monthly Tuition - $140.