Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any registration or insurance fees?
No. There are no extra fees of any kind unless you are competing on the team or in academic prescool classes.
Are there any sessions?
No. Regular classes and tuition are just month to month. At times we offer clinics and other programs that are pay per event.
Are there muti-class discounts?
Yes. If one family takes 3 or more classes then you get a 10% discount on your total tuition.
Do you offer free trials?
Yes. Please schedule them by email, Phone, or the request form. Don't just show up at a class and expect to participate. You can always drop by and watch.
Do you have make-up classes?
If you miss a class, you can attend "open gym" for your child's age group at no charge. The Open Gym Coaches will check the rolls and let you attend for free if you have missed a class and work with your student. We don't allow make-ups in regular classes. They are too full.
Can I sign up in the middle of the month?
Yes. We will prorate your first month's tuition.
How do I sign up?
Click the "Class Schedule" button or "Customer Portal" button on our home page. Enrolling in a class from the class schedule will ask you to login. New customers can register from the login screen.
How do I drop classes?
Just email us and let us know before the begining of the month.
Don't just tell your coach. Coaches don't handle enrollments, drops, or billing
Can I drop classes after the beginning of the month and get a refund?
No. You have taken a class spot. We have had too many people just not tell us that they are dropping and then want a refund part way through the month.

If you dropped class before the month has started and have already paid tuition for the next month, you will need to issue a request through the office for a refund as soon as possible. Once 45 days has passed we will no longer be able to offer a refund.
When is tuition due?
Tuition is due on the 20th of each month PRIOR to the start of the month or when you first sign-up. So February tuition is due on JANUARY 20th and July tuition is due on JUNE 20th. Tuition is due in advance.
What forms of payment do you take?
We take VISA, MC, Discover, ACH, checks, or cash. Sorry NO American Express or chickens.
How do I pay?
We really prefer that you use our Automatic Payments by entering card or bank account information in your online account.
Automatic Payments make it so much easier for everyone. You may also just pay monthly from your online account or ... Put cash or checks in our "Tution Drop Box" at the gym. Or pay the office staff during office hours.
How do I know what to pay?
Everyone is emailed a statement a few days before the 20th due date. You can also use the customer portal.
What if I have a billing question or I think my tuition statement is wrong?
The absolute best way to handle billing questions is by emailing: info@jumpupgym.com
You can call ... but emails help us track things better.
How do Automatic Payments work?
If you are set to use Automatic Payments, you will be billed every month on the 20th for the next month's tuition. You will be emailed a statement a few days before this. This gives you time to look over your statement. If you think your statement is wrong, then just email us at info@jumpupgym.com and we will take care of it before you are billed. If you don't catch it until after the 20th, you will be billed the statement amount, but we can still fix it. We always take care of our customers.

Once your classes are dropped, the system will automatically stop billing you. This is not one of those 3rd party billing systems that you can't stop. We have experienced those and refuse to put our cutomers through that.
Why did I get a drop notice when I wasn't dropping?
Probably because you didn't pay your tuition by the 20th.

If you are going to have a problem with paying tuition by the 20th, Just email us and let us know what is going on. We are willing to work with you but we need to know if you are planning to continue. Many people just drop class by not paying us and we are left wondering. So we have to drop people who haven't paid. Especially if there is a waiting list for your class.
There are only three classes this month because of a scheduled break. Can I get a discount?
No. You are paying for a class spot. Some months have 5 classes and some months have 3. We don't charge more for 5 classes or less for 3 classes. In the end, it averages out to about 4 classes per month.
Can I stay and watch my child in class?
Yes. You may watch from the observation room.