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Team Information


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USA Gymnastics
The Jump Up Gymnastics team participates in the USA Gymnastics competitive system.

Being involved in competitive gymnastics is an exciting opportunity for gymnasts to show all the skills they have been working on throughout their training.

We have a low coach to student ratio and some very experienced coaches. We focus on being competitive and pushing our students while still having fun.


Jump Up Gymnastics will usually participate in 4-6 local meets throughout our season, which typically runs from September to December. Meet fees vary but usually range from about $50 to $75 per meet plus a $20 coach's fee. Gymnasts must compete in 3 local meets to qualify for the the State Meet.

USAG Registration

In order to participate in USA Gymnastics competitions, the gymnast also needs to register with USA Gymnastics. The cost of registration is $54 and is valid for a year.


In addition the gymnasts must purchase a competition leotard and warm ups that are to be worn to all meets. The cost is around $65-$130.
You will also want to purchase grips and other personal equipment to help your gymnast train.
Monthly Tuition Fees
MW -  6pm - 8pm
(4 hrs/week)

Level 3 Team 

TuTh 3pm-6pm

(6 hrs/week)


Level 4 & 5

MWF 3pm-6pm

(9 hrs/week)


Level 6 & Up

Choose 3 - 4 days

Mon - Thurs


(12 to 20 hrs/week)

3 days $246 

4 days $315